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“After finally booking a serious trip to hunt Tajikistan for Ibex and Marco Polo Rams (possibly at long range), I wanted to make sure I was more than able to take these longer shots. Years of hit and miss past 300 meters has been reality and it was time to do something about it. After a bit of Googling I found Precision Shooting in Perth WA, so after a quick email and phone conversation I was hooked on Glens attitude and style.


With a range of 300 to 600 meters we went to work on first shot hits .I took my own rifle along with some handloads which were to prove too rough for the performance Glenn was aiming to achieve so we then spent half a day loading some Precision ammunition and soon had a very accurate load to work with.


A fully professional regime of information ,facts,technique and operation of your system is followed over two days and many shots later everything started falling into place. With Glen you can achieve perfection which before was just a gamble. For those keen to lift there skill level in a great environment get in touch with Glen from Precision Shooting Australia.”


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Simon Gilbertson







“Overall, this has been the best professional development course I have ever done, bar none. It is so relevant to my area of interest and somewhat related to my profession as I practice it. Thank you Glen for a marvellous course and the opportunity to meet the other guys on it.”


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Marcus O’Dean
Sporting Shooter Magazine







“The course was absolutely brilliant, for people with a large amount of experience or, someone just starting out. Most of the equipment is provided, including PDAís, ballistic programs and log books. The course covers everything, including problem solving when things go wrong. Glen is a natural instructor. These is a lot of information to cram in, so to get 4 people through the course in 5 days is a feat on its own. At no stage did anyone feel like he was going too fast. The course was well structured, had consistent breaks and didnít feel like a classroom.


The 5 day course costs $1690.00 inc GST. Thatís $338.00 per day. You pay more for a forklift ticket. Glen is the only person offering these courses in Australia so it would be a bargain at twice the price. He also offers shorter distance courses that start from $250.00.”


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Zaine Beaton
Beaton Firearms
Maddington WA







“Glen is an excellent instructor who knows that teaching involves more than just telling someone the right way to shoot – he explains why its the right way. I learned more about shooting in the two day course than I have in the last 2 years of trying to figure things out myself. The shooting techniques I’ve learned will be something I’ll be using every time I take a shot for the rest of my life. I had two of the best days at the range I’ve ever had – I think this course is a must for anyone who wants to shoot accurately.

Thanks again for a great couple of days Glen!”









“Safety was of the highest standard at all times, which was reassuring. What I had thought about long range shooting to what I know now are worlds apart. I now have much better training and understanding. My understanding of Ballistics has improved greatly and I can now use this in my long range shooting. The course kept me interested and excited every day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”


Peter B.
West Hoxton







“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot more technical information about long range shooting and the reasoning behind projectiles with different profiles and how these affect the supersonic range at which you can use them. I learnt about projectile sectional density and the associated uses with game. Knowledge on the impact on different species of game with various projectiles was significant. I learnt about more efficient firing positions for stable shots at long range and finally when employing this in the field, one week later I managed to ethically harvest game between 580m and 900m.”


Steve O.







“The two day course was Awesome. I’d never shot out to 600m and shot better than i did thanks to Glen and his precision shooting training. I learnt heaps and improved my shooting by tenfold changing the slightest things such as breathing and body positioning. Glen would have to be the most knowledgeable guy I know on ballistics and long range shooting. The APRS rifle matched with the Night Force scope i hired was unbelievable, a clean crisp trigger break really comfortable to hold and very accurate to shoot. I’m definitely up for the 5 day course.”









“I just wanted to start by saying how fantastic the 2 day course was you ran in Bendigo. I learnt so much and gained a lot of confidence in my rifle setup which previously had many questions about. I was always tinkering with my setup reacting to every little thing. Your course showed me that looking at variables such as projectiles and scope adjustment as opposed to using holdover at longer ranges is a way to fast track to improving groups. It was also really encouraging to get some positive feedback on my shooting technique from someone of your knowledge and experience. Thanks again for a really sensational couple of days. This has really re-invigorated my passion for the sport.”


Ed M 
South Yarra







“Just a quick note to say thanks again for your and Rob’s time at the recent ACT course. The experience was vastly different from any of my previous trips to a rifle range and indeed any previous shooting trips with friends. The balance of classroom theory and practical hands-on was just right. It was great to understand how different techniques or environmental factors affect accuracy, and to then see them in action minutes later was key. I look forward to using my new armament (knowledge) on my next shooting trip.”


Sean B






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