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Long Range 2-day Training Course

Our 2 day Long Range course has long been our most popular training course, pairing well with the requirements of Beaton Firearms' custom rifle clients.


From our property East of Merredin, you will learn the fundamentals of long range shooting and by the end of the two day course you will have the skills to hit targets with your rifle well into the transonic zone. 

The main part of the theory required to meet the goals of this course will be discussed at length on the drive there and over lunch on the first day, and participants will get to start shooting early that afternoon. On our hundred-yard range scopes, rifles, ammunition and ballistic software is calibrated using a variety of tools and techniques, and methods for judging the speed and effect of the wind are discussed and put to practice. Depending on weather and light conditions there may be an opportunity to shoot some steel targets at distances of up to 450m late in the afternoon, but the real long range work starts on day 2.

After a hearty  breakfast participants are ready to take on the big range, with targets set up at distances that will push any experienced shooter to their limits. The tension between gunshot and report is palpable, and the ecstacy felt on hitting a 10" steel gong from over 1000m away is undescribable. With variable wind, light and weather conditions no two shoots are ever the same and each is a learning experience for everyone involved.

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