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Marksman 2-day Training Course

Our Marksman course is new to Precision Shooting, and has been carefully put together after numerous requests for an instructional course that is set out like our Long Range course but is designed for less experienced shooters. Under our expert guidance, you will learn the 5 basic principles of marksmanship, and over 2 days of careful tuition in our relaxed environment you will learn all of the skills necessary to make tight groups at 100m with confidence, as well as how to zero your rifle and how to shoot comfortably from any position required for competition, practical or hunting purposes.


Unsatisfactory performance on the range can all too often be explained by a poorly set up rifle or a simple technique not fully understood. Quality coaching can sometimes be hard to get, but we can help you identify problem areas in your shooting and show you the skills and techniques to keep you competitive in your club.

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