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Our Facilities

Our two-day training courses are conducted from our farming property near Merredin, and include meals, campsite accommodation and transport from our shop in Maddington if required. The farm has a small campsite and is equipped with tents, mattresses, a bathroom and an enclosed kitchen and dining area, and can be quite comfortable depending on the weather. If you would like to bring your own camping equipment you are most welcome to as there is plenty of space, and we can make arrangements for most dietary requirements or preferences.

If you would like to travel with us we would ask that you arrive at our shop no later than 8am as we like to arrive on site around lunchtime. Your car will be locked in our secure compound and you will return the following day well rested for your safe journey home.

Alternatively, for training that does not require the long range or large calibre component of our Long Range course, we use the excellent new Western Australian Rifle Association range in Pinjar. Much closer to the CBD, the WARA range meets all our needs for the Marksman course and all of our corporate and government training programs and in much more comfort.

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