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Welcome to our new Website

Hey everyone. Welcome to our new more simplified site. As you may have seen already we have steered away from time consuming low margin product sales and slimmed down the course format.

Rob and I are still dedicating our time to the annual 5 Day Long Range Course in Canberra which either runs in May or September each year.

This course books out each year but only just so that explains why we don't run two. We are also dedicating time to frequent One-On-One training sessions as well as smaller groups. The clients on these customised courses have given magnificent feedback on their rewarding steep learning curves.

You may have noticed also that we do not tie ourselves down to any particular brand of computer ballistic software to use on our course. We do advise on bringing a certain type for consistency across the class, however you are more than welcome to bring any you like or what you are familiar with. Our conceptual training methodology allows flexibility in all areas and in particular this one. We hope you find this new site easy to use and also pleasing to the eye. Our next post will be during the course next month.

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