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Private - One-On-One Traning 


Precision Shooting Australias can deliver customised precision rifle training for clients on their own through to small groups up to 4 ranging from 2 days through to 5+ days.  This training can occur either in the ACT or WA. The cost of this training is a little more than larger classes in the 5 day Long Range Program which is expected.  The value of this training is the smaller group which allow more one-on-one time from the Instructor to the client. 


If you are beginner just starting out or an experienced shooter who want to chip away some rough edges then this program may be for you. 


The training conducted in the ACT can range from weekdays through to weekends which swervices the NSW and ACT areas. This training can also be conducted in VIC if the client wishes however the extra time and travel has to be factored in.  Trainging in WA is usually weekend based and is usually conducted 2 hours north of Perth on a 4.5K acre private facility.  


The fees range from $660 per day through to $1100 per day per person for one-on-one/2 persons and down to $450 per day/person for gropups of 3 or more. 


There are no minimum calibres for this nor special requirements for equipment used.  We do ask pertinent questions regarding your experience and equipment choice so that we can build a profile on your capability to assist us in customised a program for you. 


We Supply:

  • Range fees

  • Course notes and paper

  • Spotting scopes and tripods

  • FFS Ballistic Software (Delta V) or similar

  • PDA (Windows Mobile 5 or 6)

  • Rice bags for stability



Training usually starts at 8.00am. Finishing times may vary from 4.00pm to 5.30pm.


You Bring:

  • Licensed Rifle with bipod

  • Quality scope with external turrets with at least 13 Milrad (45 OMOA) of elevation after zeroing at 100m

  • Match grade factory ammunition or handloaded.  "The more precise your ammo the better we can teach you"

  • Shooting mat

  • Pens and pencils

  • Calculator

  • Hearing protection (electronic preferred)

  • Clear shooting eye protection

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Seasonal clothing

  • Sunglasses

  • Wet weather gear


You bring (optional):

  • Spotting scope (40x or more)

  • Rice bag or sand bag for the rifle butt



We have never had a customer undertake one of our custom programs and not be 100% over the moon satisfied at the steap learning curve and the end result. 

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