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Equipment Advice Reports        $330,00


Good advice is hard to find. We can provide you with written advice on all types of long range shooting equipment from the best down to the worst.  For an unbiased report on rifles, scopes, ammunition, assoc gear and projectiles please try our service.


The report contains first hand use information, does and dont’s, pros and cons, approx costings, availability and places to purchase. Because we use this gear all the time and this is what we do, the information you get has no frills, just facts.


We do require information from you though.


We need to know the following things;


1. What you want to shoot? targets (paper), steel, rocks, game or all of the above?

2. The maximum distance you would like to shoot?

3. Are you going to shoot on private property, rifle range or both?

4. What calibre firearms do you currently own?

5. Your budget on the rifle, scope and accessories

6. Will you be carrying the rifle for long distances or only short distances?



Please allow 10 business days for your customised report to be emailed in PDF to you. Times may be shorter depending of our workload and time of year.


Specs & Features:

PDF format

Detailed images

Detailed summary

Pros and cons

Approx costings

Up to date first hand information



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